Twelfth Summer Share

A big load of roots today along with some other nice items: lettuce, collards, tomatoes, sweet peppers, yellow onions, beets and carrots. We needed to clear the carrots and beets today to make way for a fall seeding of fava beans – plus they were ready to go – so a nice big share of those. Some of the beets were tremendously large. Lettuce is still red leaf, but we should have a little green crisp too before the end of lettuce season in a few weeks. The tomatoes are really slowing down and the peppers aren’t picking up as much as I had hoped. If you got a partially colored pepper or two they can sit out on a counter to finish ripening – or you can just eat them as they are. The yellow onions are good keepers so no need to use them right away. I store some of mine until well through the winter and into the early spring.

Tiiu is on vacation so it was a small crew today and we didn’t do much other than harvest and pack shares. My fingers are crossed that we continue to have some dry weather in the next few weeks as we still haven’t quite gotten all of the dry beans and dry corn harvested. There are quite a few projects that would actually be nice with dry weather, but we do need rain so it’ll be ok if it does start soon – as long as it isn’t continuous the entire fall. Today we did get a bunch of the harvest done for Monday’s shares, too, so Monday we should be able to get more done in the field.

As I write this we just passed the equinox so it’s now officially fall even though the summer shares will keep going for the next two Mondays. Remember that we still have some fall shares available so put your order in soon if you haven’t already and thanks to everyone who has already signed up!

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