Predictions for 12th Summer Share

I just realized that my last prediction for the “10th Summer Share” was actually for the 11th – which means Thursday is the start of our 12th week of 13 this summer! Here’s my best guess: onions, lettuce, beets, carrots, collards, sweet peppers, and tomatoes. The onions will likely be the last distribution of onions for the years, a bunch of nice yellow onions which are great keepers. The lettuce will probably be red leaf once again, and I’m not completely certain if collards will be the green or if it will be another. Peppers continue to come on slowly and the tomatoes are definitely slowing down, although there are still plenty of cherry tomatoes in the you pick section if you haven’t had your fill yet.

Winter squash was supposed to be in the share but we had a pretty complete crop failure. Winter squash takes the full summer to ripen and it was just too cold for the plants to really establish well this spring – consequently they never really got established and suffered all summer. Fortunately quite a few of the fall and winter crops look like they’re doing pretty well so I’m optimistic the shares will be full even without the winter squash. I’m especially excited that the chicories are all looking good at this point and we’re trialing a few varieties we haven’t grown before!

Speaking of fall shares, the season starts in two weeks and we still have 18 shares available so if you haven’t signed up yet please do it, and please help us pass the word, too!

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