Eleventh Summer Share

In the share today: lettuce, potatoes, shallots, cucumber, tomatoes, sweet peppers, chard. The potatoes are French Fingerlings, red skinned and with a bit of blush on the inside. The cucumbers are about done for the year but here’s one more. Sweet peppers are just getting together and we have a few Jimmy Nardello, a thin walled and very sweet pepper, and also a Liebesapfel. If the peppers you get in your share aren’t fully colored yet you can let them sit on the counter or in a paper bag and they’ll sweeten up as they turn fully red. With the cooler weather the chard is looking great and there’s a big bunch in the share. I love the colors in this chard and it’s one of the few seeds we go through the trouble of growing and selecting on the farm.

Summer is definitely waning. We have two more weeks of summer shares after this one and I’ll be sending out an update about fall shares for folks who signed up soon. We still have quite a few shares available but we’re hoping to fill up soon so if you haven’t signed up yet please do it asap!

One sign that summer is on its way out is that the summer squash got mowed down today, the winter squash too. Sadly the winter squash almost completely failed this year – it was set back by the cold weather in the spring and never really recovered. A positive sign is that the radicchio and other chicories are starting to look really good at this point! Fingers crossed for a nice long, full harvest of those this fall and winter to keep the salads going all year!

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