Predictions for 10th Share

Chard, shallots, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and sweet peppers. The potatoes will be the last of the year, French Fingerlings as I wasn’t able to get our usual Amarosa fingerling seed this year. Yields were low on this variety, too, so it’ll be a smaller than hoped for quantity, probably about a pound. We’ll try to give out all of the shallots, which are good keepers and just need a dry spot in your kitchen to hang out until you use them. Tomatoes are slowing down, especially the sauce tomatoes, but we’ll still have some in the shares. Sweet peppers are starting to pick up and both the long, skinny Jimmy Nardellos and the round, fat Liebesapfels are ripening nicely right now.

We planted the last of the fall crops today, some nice mild mustard greens. We still have a couple of over wintering crops to plant as well as cover crops to get in, but the transplanting season is basically over at this point. We also continued to knock back weeds. The salsify and scorzonera for this winter are looking good right now and we’ve started to free the root parsley.

This morning’s light rain was a wake up call that summer is ending and we need to get a bunch of the dry crops out of field before too long. The popcorn and polenta corn isn’t ready yet, but we have a bunch of dry beans that are. Not sure what the yields on those will be like but if we have enough we’ll make them available on the farm stand.

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