Tenth Summer Share

Kale, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, onions and lettuce. The kale is a new one for us, Polaris Northstar. It was recommended by my good friend Danny of Full Plate Farm for winter production but it was looking like it would benefit from an early harvest and clean up so it’s in the share this week – let us know what you think. The first sweet pepper of the year is in today’s share – the long, thin skinned Jimmy Nardello, back after a two year absence due to seed shortages. The onions are Yellow Cipolla, which flavor-wise are my favorite onion by themselves.

In the field today we cleaned up more weeds, started digging the last of the potatoes, and put the last seeds of the year in the ground. Vegetable planting season is almost over just as cover crop planting season starts. A couple of mustards and maches were on the seeding list, greens for the late fall and winter. We also cleaned the shallots so expect those and the last potatoes in the shares soon.

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