Predictions for 9th Share

Here’s what I’m guessing will be in the share, but first a reminder that next Monday is a holiday so we’re moving that pick-up to Tuesday!

In the share we should have lettuce, collard greens, beets, tomatoes, sweet onions, peppers, and maybe cucumbers and/or summer squash. The lettuce will likely be red leaf, our most reliable variety this summer. It looks like we might have some nice big beets buried in the weeds so we’ll pull those out and see what we get. Tomatoes seem to be doing well right now so we should have more of all the types, and probably even some sauce tomatoes on the farm stand. We’ll be giving out the last of the sweet onions before we start giving out the storage onions in a week or two. Peppers are just starting to show a little color and I’m hoping we’ll have enough to give some out on Thursday. The cucumbers and summer squash are nearing their end and if we don’t have enough for the shares we’ll put them on the farm stand for folks who really want to take more of those home.

In the field today we knocked back more of the prolific weeds – especially in the chiocories which are mostly getting off to a decent start. The tomatoes got a bit of training to keep them growing up. We also picked a few more dry beans and beans that we’re saving for seed for next year – some hard to come by varieties with special connections. Our to do list continues to be long with lots more weeds to deal with, beds to cover, and crops to pick. We’ve even gotten to the end of irrigation season for a few of the beds so we need to start rolling the drip tape back up at some point soon. We’re just a little way past the half way point of summer, but it feels like we’re already getting ready for fall!

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