Eighth Summer Share

Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, summer squash, carrots, potatoes and basil. The lettuce in the photo is a butter head and a few folks got romaine instead today. Monday the lettuce will probably be red leaf, although there might be a few heads of romaine available. We’re harvesting the full array of tomatoes now and all of the cherry tomatoes in the you-pick section are ripe, too. I’ll try to get a post on those varieties at some point soon. Cucumbers and summer squash are still hanging on, but barely. We’re digging the carrots and potatoes out of the weeds and yields are low. The carrots are still our standards for the summer, a variety called Ya Ya. The potatoes today are German Butterball, an excellent yellow potato. Just a little basil stalk to round out the share, something to put with your tomatoes or in a salad dressing maybe.

In the field today we knocked back more weeds, seeded salad turnips for the fall shares, and covered some of the recent plantings to keep the insects from damaging them. Many of the roots we grow need protection from various insects who like to eat the roots as much as we do so we cover the plants with fine mesh netting that lets air, water and light in, but keeps some of the bugs out.

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