Predictions for 8th Share

Potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, onions and lettuce. Lots of digging for us coming up with potatoes and carrots both on the harvest list. Tomatoes are doing well so expect more of those. The summer squash hasn’t had a great year but we should have it for a few more weeks. Similarly the cucumbers, especially the slicers, have suffered this year, but we’re continuing to get small harvests. Over the next few weeks we’ll give out all of the onions and shallots from the field. These should keep just fine on your counter if you don’t use them right away. I think we’ll have lettuce for next week, although we may see a gap at some point and the heads might be a little smaller in the near future.

On the farm stand we should have basil, maybe some collards and chard. The you-pick section is full of cherry tomatoes and flowers, and there are a few Padron peppers out there, with more hot peppers starting to ripen. We should also have tomatillos and ground cherries at some point in the next few weeks. We’re experimenting with a few melon varieties in the hoop house this summer and we harvested the first Kazakh melons yesterday – a small, crunchy sweet melon. If we have any they’ll be on the farm stand so look for those, and maybe even a watermelon or two in the next few weeks. This spring made it look like it was a foolish year to plant such a heat loving crop, but the plants that managed to survive have really enjoyed the warm weather we’ve had recently.

In the field we planted more escarole, endive and lettuce yesterday. We’re getting close to the end of planting season with just a few more fall and winter crops to get into the ground. The final greenhouse seedings of the year were last week, mäche and mustards. The first dry bean harvest of the year was yesterday. It doesn’t look like it’ll be great yields this year, but they are there, hiding in the weeds, so we’ll see what we end up with and if there are enough when we clean them this fall those will go on the farm stand, too.

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