Sixth Summer Share

Lettuce, early tomatoes, basil, cucumber, red onion, carrots, summer squash and celery. Most folks will get a green crisp lettuce, one that stands up to this heat well. We’re starting to get more varieties of the tomatoes to ripen but mostly they’re still the early ones: Matina is the red saladette, Afghan is the ribbed yellow, and Jaune Flamme is the orange saladette. Nice to see this round of carrots is a little larger than the last round, although they’re still a little stunted from the heavy weed pressure. The celery is still small this round but that’s just due to it being an early harvest. I’ve been using the stalks to add flavor and crunch to salads.

In the you-pick area the cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen and the Padron peppers are ready for picking. We still have lots of beautiful flowers in there, too, and of course the perennial herbs.

In the field today we knocked back a lot of weeds on the recent plantings and also got into some of the big weeds on the leek and tomato plantings. The peppers are staked and tied now but they still need a second string to keep them from flopping over as the fruit gets heavier. Next week we’ll try to get to all of that – and plant more chicories and lettuces for the fall if this next heat wave allows it.

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