Predictions for 7th Share

This is the mid way point of the summer season and we’re continuing with hot weather! Once again I’m not quite sure what the shares will look like but here’s my best guess at the moment: cucumber, summer squash, tomatoes, chard, lettuce, and onion. The lettuce has been suffering, a little from the heat and we’re also loosing some to rodents in the greenhouse before we even get it planted out into the field. We’ll see how the next few shares go but we might have a gap at some point. Peppers are still struggling to catch up after the cool spring and lots of weed pressure but there’s fruit on them, we’ve freed them from the weeds, tied them up, and we’ll take a look at those too.

The farm stand is looking a little thin these days but we should at least have a few sauce tomatoes and a bit more of the small celery. Both the summer squash and the cucumbers (and many other summer crops) got off to a poor start in the cold, wet of the spring and we’re seeing very low yields from those plants that have never really recovered. On the up side, a lot of what we’ve been planting recently is looking good for the fall and winter and that’s keeping me optimistic.

Today we knocked back more weeds, covered some of the fall crops to protect them from pests, and planted escarole, frisee and lettuce. I finally got around to mowing some of the edges that were getting a little unruly and setting seed – not that there’s not tons of weed seed already in the beds, and more on its way. We’ll be dealing with all the weed seed that we’ve grown this year for at least a few seasons to come.

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