Predictions for 6th Share

A bit late in posting this week, and no field photo. Monday afternoon I left the farm to Tiiu, Allison and Lore and rushed out to Forest Grove to see X and The Psychedelic Furs. After many years of farming I’ve definitely come to reject the old saw that farmers can’t set up the farm to have any down time in the summer (although that is a possibility if you want it to be). Nice to work along side a few other folks who make it possible for any one of us to take a little personal time to recharge when we need it.

Here’s my best guess for what we’ll have in the next shares: tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, lettuce, celery, onion, basil and maybe carrots. I’m not sure if the carrots will be large enough for a decent harvest, but we might harvest no matter as they’re getting pretty buried in the weeds and we have more coming later. Basil wasn’t in the original plan but it was looking like we need to do small harvest to keep the plants producing after all the recent heat.

Before I ran off to the show we managed to get more radicchio and lettuce planted, a bunch of weeds knocked back, and the pepper stakes were going in, finally, as the plants are starting to get heavy with fruit which will make them fall over if we don’t tie them up. It’s not a huge problem for the plants but it makes harvesting them miserable so we give them a little support and encourage them to grow up as opposed to out. With more hot weather in the forecast for next week I wouldn’t be surprised if we start getting a few sweet peppers soon, despite how late they got going.

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