Fifth Summer Share

As predicted: collards, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, summer squash and lettuce. All the items are there, but I do want to let folks know that the quantities on the potatoes are about a quarter of what we’d planned for, and the cucumbers and summer squash are a bit smaller as well. Some years are just tougher growing years than others and the growing conditions this year are definitely resulting in lower yields and more work – not the combination any of us wants to see. Fortunately the collards were looking good today and the lettuce is also decent, despite the heat. We had some nice Romano beans on the farm stand, and we should have more of those for Monday, too. Cherry tomatoes are ripening in the you-pick area and there are lots of beautiful flowers to cut there, too – many thanks to Sarah from Hoverfly Flower Farm for the plant starts, and for making her beautiful extra pre-cut bouquets available at the farm stand!

Today we prepped beds and seeded lots of winter radishes, turnips and carrots. There’s a good chance those plantings will do well and we’ll enjoy those crops this fall and winter. We had a bit of time to knock back some of the prolific summer weeds; that’s really a never-ending task even in a good year. We’re super appreciative of all of the support from our CSA members, and it especially stands out in a tough summer like this one.

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