Predictions for 5th Share

This time of year it’s pretty safe to assume there’ll be a little bit of summer squash and cucumber in every share. We should continue to have lettuce, although there may be a gap in a few weeks due to problems with some of the younger lettuces in the heat – specifically with germination of new seedlings. Collards aren’t usually in the summer shares, but we may harvest those if they’re still looking good. Romano beans should at least be on the farm stand as should a bit of basil. The first tomatoes went into the CSA shares today and I’m hoping more will ripen for Thursday (they were a bit of a surprise). We’re also planning on digging more potatoes.

It seems like the record breaking heatwave has broken for now, putting us into just a normally very hot week of summer weather. This is probably good for ripening the tomatoes and more cucumbers and summer squash, too. Fingers cross that the weather forecast for Thursday holds as the coolest day of the week – it would be really nice to have a day of field work that wasn’t so intensely hot, but at least we’re only in the fields twice a week so really it hasn’t been that terrible.

Today we got beets and parsley planted for the fall and winter shares. An added bonus to Thursday being cooler would be better planting conditions for the many plants we still need to get in the ground.

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