Fourth Summer Share

Lettuce, cucumbers, baby carrots, basil, summer squash, Romano beans, and chard. The lettuce today is red butter and it was on the edge of bolting so I’m not sure if that’ll be the lettuce we have on Monday. The romaine lettuce that was planned for the share all bolted which may have been the worst part of this heat wave. The best part of the heat wave is that the basil looks very happy, and the cucumbers and summer squash seem to be doing better. We got just enough Romano beans today to give some in the share and I’m hoping we’ll get more on Monday. I think I explained the baby carrots in the last post – basically a reseed of a failed early seeding this spring that haven’t had time to really size up before we needed to clear the bed for planting fall and winter crops, and they were probably also stunted by heavy weed pressure. Have I mentioned how bad the weed pressure has been this year – worse than I’ve seen it in many, many years.

We did manage to knock back a few weeds today, as well as planting some experimental radicchio with fingers crossed that they survive being planted during the hottest part of the afternoon. The radicchio we planted on Monday afternoon actually looks like it’s doing decently well despite the heat. It looks like we’ll be back to more normal summer temperatures next week and that should be good for more planting of fall and winter crops.