Predictions for 4th Summer Share

Lettuce, summer squash, cucumbers, baby carrots, fresh onions, chard and basil. The tomatoes look they have good initial fruit set and with a little luck the fruit will make it through this heatwave and ripen soon – two weeks is my best guess on those. We’ll probably have Romano beans on the farm stand again, but those have been coming on slowly so not enough to put in all of the shares.

Seems like we’re always planting the radicchio on the hottest days of the year, and today was a big radicchio planting day – the first of several in the upcoming weeks. We also planted more lettuce and I’m hoping we’ll get beets and winter radishes in the ground on Thursday. The tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers all got a bit of attention today, and the favas came down to make way for winter plantings. We still need to find time to deal with more weeds, which are prolific this year – taking advantage of the slow early growth of many of the crops to establish themselves while we’ve been dealing with other tasks around the farm. It’s an issue we’ll be dealing with for another year or so as we’ll have a larger than usual weed seed bank and more established grass roots than in the last few years.