Third Summer Share

Beets, cucumbers, lettuce, summer squash, celery trimmings, collards. The beans didn’t come on as strongly as I had hoped so not enough for the shares, but we do have some at the farm stand. The favas are on their way out and we’ve opened some of those for gleaning. They’ll probably still be ok on Monday if anyone wants to pick some. We’ve got a pretty decent harvest of Touchstone Gold beets, after a less impressive round of spring beets it’s nice to see these sized up and I’ve been enjoying them in salads! We’re growing four different cucumbers this year and they’re all pictured here. We didn’t have enough for everyone to get every kind but you’ll see all of them at some point. The Nevada lettuce is quite large this week, perfectly crisp for big salads. We’re growing three summer squash, and the two zucchini shown here are the earlier varieties, with patty pans coming soon. The first planting of celery is starting to size up and this first harvest is of side shoots which are great for flavoring salads or soups. The flavor is much more intense than what you typically get in the store even through the size in much smaller. We’re clearing out the last of the spring planted collards and they’re doing well with this heat. We’ll also have lots more of these in the fall – and maybe even this summer as the later planting already has some pretty big leaves.

We’re slowly making progress on the big fall and winter plantings and we got the rutabagas in today. Next week we’ll plant the first of the chicories. It was on the schedule for today but we just rain out of time. Seems like we’re always planting them when the weather is its hottest. The weeds are loving this heat and that’s another thing we ran out of time for this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to make some time to knock some back in the heat – which is actually a great time to hoe in the sense that the hoed weeds typically die before they have a chance to reroot when it’s hot and dry.