Predictions for 3rd Summer Share

Cucumbers, Romano beans, lettuce, collards, celery, summer squash and beets. In the original plan tomatoes were on the list, but I think those are at least a week or two out. Some of the summer squash planting is a bit stunted, not sure why, but we may not have enough for everyone on Thursday. Cucumbers are just starting so it’s tricky to know how many we’ll get, and the Romano beans look close but they might be ready for the second half of the week, not the first. More favas are also likely, one of the few things that did better than expected with the cold, wet spring. If we have time to pick them we might have more green beans on the farm stand (we didn’t have time to pick them today).

It’s a busy planting time for us, as all of the fall and winter chicories, kale, lettuce, fennel, and rutabagas are getting planted in the next few weeks, as well as a few other items. That adds to our already long list of things to cultivate and care for. We did have time to tie up the cucumbers and tomatoes today, and of course there’s always lot of irrigation happening. The warm weather is pretty perfect for good summer crop growth right now – hot, but not too hot. With a little luck some of the summer crops will start to catch up to where they should have been soon. Let’s hope we can keep up with the weeds which are also enjoying all this sun!