First Summer Share

It’s definitely a late start to the summer this year but a few of the early summer crops have still shown up nicely this week. We harvest a few of the early red beets that never really took off this spring, and more yellow beets that have sized up nicely. Favas and green beans both started today. We also have the first of the summer squash with some folks getting a darker zucchini, and others a lighter colored, nuttier version. We have romaine in the shares today and there may be some shares with a different variety on Monday. Filling out the share is some really nice looking kale.

On the farm stand we had what might be the last of the peas and turnips, although we may also have those on Monday so maybe not quite the last. Quite a few beds got hoed today, which was great. We’re also at an interesting point where the spring cropped beds are ready to be turned into fall and winter plantings so there was a bit of mowing in the fields today that will be followed by harrowing or tarping as soon as we can get to it. I’m also doing a lot of seeding in the greenhouse this time of year- especially chicories!