Predictions for 1st Summer Share

Thursday is the start of our summer season this year! The early summer shares are looking like they’ll be just as tricky to predict as the spring shares were. It looks like favas and green beans are both going to be ready, but I’m not sure we’ll have enough of both for everyone in the first week so we may stagger those. In the plan were fresh onions and new potatoes, both of those are a bit behind so I’m not sure we’ll have them until the following week, but we’ll be looking at them closely on Thursday. Summer squash is just starting and fingers crossed we’ll have enough for everyone. Parsley is another possibility. We’ll have lettuce again, probably romaine for most of the shares and maybe a few more heads of butter lettuce. We should have kale in the shares, too. Another possibility is beets. Peas are probably done for the shares but we may have a few more on the farm stand.

In the field today we continued to chip away at the weeds, which seem to be prolific this year after so much rain this spring. We also got a bit of tomato tying done, and a bit of planting, too. Tiiu is on a well deserved vacation for couple of weeks. Luckily Emilio came back from vacation to work with us for the summer and Lore and Allison continue to keep the harvests and field work rolling. This weather has me optimistic that the summer crops will start catching up and we’ll be able to get good growth on the winter crops, too.

One last note, we still have two Monday CSA spots available for the summer season, which starts on July 11. If you’d like a summer share you’ve still got a few days to get your order in – unless someone else gets theirs in first!