Spring Share 7 of 7

The final spring season share this year and it’s a big one. Two heads of lettuce, turnips, kohlrabi, snap peas, green onions, chard, and carrots. With the sun the lettuce has really sped up so we had both butter head and crisp head in the share, and I’m hoping those will hold on for Tuesday, too (holiday weekend so pick up is on Tuesday next week!) this is the last of the hakurei turnips until the fall. Superschmelz kohlrabi is in the shares and I’ve finally decided this isn’t working for spring shares as it’s too uneven and takes too long to grow (some of that might be our soil). We’re giving it out with leaves as they’re good to eat, too. Peas are starting to slow down and this is the last of the green onions, although we’ll have fresh sweet onions soon. We’ve had a lot of trouble with carrots this spring (slugs, I think) but the first ones are finally here and it looks like more are on their way.

In the field today we plugged in some plants to replace a few failed earlier plantings of basil, melons, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatillos and ground cherries. We also tied up more tomatoes and wheel hoed chard and parsnip beds.

We still have a couple of Monday shares available and those will start on the 11th of July. Sign up at grownby.app and while you’re at it we also have a few fall and winter shares up for grabs!