Predictions for 7th Spring Share

This coming Thursday and Tuesday’s shares are the final spring shares before we start our summer season (Monday is moving to Tuesday next week due to the holiday). The way we’ve gone from extreme cold to extreme heat this past week is keeping things interesting in the field. It’s definitely been good for some of the upcoming summer crops, but it’s a little hard to say how the late-spring/early-summer crops will deal with it. Here’s my best guess for the share: kohlrabi, peas, butter lettuce, green onions, kale, and carrots. Fava beans and summer squash are also getting close and there’s a chance we might harvest chard instead of kale depending on how it looks. The kohlrabi is still a bit smaller than ideal, but we need to replant the bed and it’s already past the date we were hoping for. Peas are holding on despite the heat, but at some point soon they’re going to tail off. The carrots are still small, but we want to get some into the spring shares so we’ll harvest our first planting – which had to be replanted due to the cold wet spring, and thus is a bit later than we hoped.

Today was another productive day. We planted more lettuce and beets, started tying up the tomatoes, and continued to make slow progress on knocking back the weeds. We’re also solidly into irrigation season now, and that means lot of work making sure all of the crops get enough water.

Next Thursday will be the first summer share. We still have a five more left so if you’re interested in signing up now would be a great time! Head over to our shop on to sign up.