Predictions for 2nd Summer Share

Here’s my best guess for what we’ll have in the shares on Thursday: green crisp lettuce, baby carrots, chard, parsley, new potatoes, favas, and fresh sweet onions. Summer squash is also possible although for some reason it seems to be having a bit of trouble with fruit set, which I suspect has to do with weather last week. We’ll probably have more green beans on the farm stand but I don’t think we’ll have enough for the shares for another week or two. Cucumbers are getting close but they’re not quite ready yet. We’re seeing the first fruit set on our early tomatoes so with some luck we’ll have tomatoes later this month.

Yesterday we took down the peas so no more of those until next spring. We immediately moved some of the strings from the peas over to the tomatoes to tie those up and the posts will be going into the cucumbers to get those up off the ground, making it easier for us to harvest and weed. We’re slowly making progress on the prolific weeds in the corn, beans and winter squash plantings and Allison thinned the popcorn, which should help us get larger ears of those. We also planted more romaine lettuce for later in the summer and kohlrabi for the fall, and filled in a beet planting where there were gaps. It was a hot one for the crew but we were able to make it a little more bearable by rotating folks between tasks in the sunny field and the shady wash/pack station and taking lots of short water breaks.

It looks like a favorable forecast for some good summer crop growth this week. It’s nice to see the sun and some warmth after a super challenging spring of cold, wet weather!