Predictions for 5th Spring Share

Arugula, lettuce, turnips, chard, parsley, peas, green onions. The weather this spring is not just slowing everything down, it’s making it super hard to predict how things will ripen – or won’t. The next round of arugula looks like it’ll be beautiful. We have some of my favorite romaine lettuce coming, but I’m not when it’s going to be ready – probably next week? The Hakurei turnips should stick around for another week. For a big cooking green we’ll be harvesting chard this coming week, and we should also have a bit of parsley, but it’s been hit hard this spring so it’s tough to know how much there’ll be. The snow peas look like they’ll just be getting better, and we might have the first of the snap peas soon, too. There are a few things that might be ready next week, but are probably at least two weeks out, primarily the first of the beets, but also kohlrabi.

We made some good progress on cultivating weeds in the onions, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers today. We replanted some of the cucumbers that have suffered in the cold, as well as putting in another round of lettuce and chard. Keep your fingers crossed that we get some sun and warmth soon. We really need it to get the summer crops growing, and summer is just a couple of weeks away! Right now it feels like we might get stuck in an endless spring.