Spring Share 4 of 7

Hakurei turnips, fava greens, young fennel, kale, snow peas, radishes and red leaf lettuce.

The turnips are thinning from the second planting and the greens are looking really nice on those. The fava greens looked in top shape this morning and they won’t be around much longer so I went with those instead of the chard, which we’ll have for most of the rest of the early summer and fall – maybe all summer if it stays this cool and wet. The fennel seems to be doing nicely. Although it’s still a little small it should be very tender and flavorful – both the bulbs and the fronds – and at this stage I’d recommend eating it fresh in a salad, although you could cook with it too. Kale is still on the smaller side but we need to clear out the first plantings to make way for more late season greens. The peas are just starting and if it stays cool we might get a few weeks of snow peas. The young ones aren’t fully sweet yet, but they have plenty of pea flavor and are great raw or cooked. We have nice fat Sora red radishes with greens today and I’m hoping the rain this weekend doesn’t end up splitting the ones we left for Monday. Red leaf lettuce is what’s pictured here but some folks are getting red butter.

The weather was kind to us today and it waited to rain until we finished with the field work for the day. I’m glad to see the rain though because I once again threw the dice and didn’t run any irrigation – except in our tunnels where it never rains and I finally planted some basil! The other big success of the day was getting the trellising up for the pole beans which are already starting to reach out for something to climb. We have a lot more trellising to put up for tomatoes and cucumbers so hopefully we’ll get to that next week!