Predictions for 4th Spring Share

Kale or chard (or both?), Hakurei turnips, radishes, snow peas, fennel, lettuce. We may have more spinach on the farm stand as well. This is a year where it’s been impossible to follow any plan, but at least our plan has been flexible enough that we’re still able to find a few small items to harvest. The plan was for kale this coming week and chard was supposed to be last week, but it’s just ready now and the kale is still a bit small so we’ll try to give out both. The turnips are also still small, but delicious, and we should have more for Thursday, but we’ve already had them for two Mondays now so I’m not sure if they’ll be in the Monday share. We have a new round of radishes that looks promising, and the snow peas look very, very close to being ripe. Fennel will start with baby heads to thin out the planting and we’ll leave more to size up for later. The lettuce will probably be red leaf for Thursday and maybe romaine or green crisp for Monday.

Nice to get a bunch of rain this past weekend and to not have to irrigate once again. We finally got the sweet peppers and eggplant planted today, as well as hot peppers in the you-pick area. Again, those plantings didn’t go as planned and eggplant will be very limited, but with a little luck we’ll have lots of sweet peppers as we had just enough extra plants to fill out the bed where the missing eggplant would have gone.

We also got a bit of hoeing done today, and we need to get to more of that soon! The weeds are really taking off, especially the grasses which are our main problem weed at this point. I have high hopes that we’ll get on top of those soon.