Spring Share 3 of 7

The shares continue to be a little smaller than we hoped for, but considering the weather this spring and things I’m hearing from other farmers I’m just happy we have anything fresh right now. In today’s share: yellow collards, butter lettuce, green onions, mixed mustards, spinach, and Hakurei turnips.

There are three mustards: Green Wave is the big light green leaf, Ho Mi Z is the red tinged leaf and Yukon Savoy is the dark green. The first two are a little spicy and the yukina is mild, almost spinach like. The spinach itself is starting to bolt with the longer days so there’s a bit of extra stem. The stem and even the flowers are completely edible – and taste just like spinach! Monday will probably see a different lettuce as we already gave out butter in the shares on Tuesday.

In the field we managed to get a bit of hoeing done today, and quite a few things really need it. With all of the rain we’ve had and the recent warmer temperatures summer weeds are starting to germinate and the grasses are really coming on strong in areas we converted recently. The warmth is also bringing signs that some of the spring crops may be catching up. The peas have started to set fruit and the fennel and kohlrabi are starting to swell, too. Signs like that keep me optimistic for a good summer!