Predictions for 3rd Spring Share

Taking a look at the crops today here’s what I think will be in the shares on Thursday: spinach, Hakurei turnips, collards, green onions, fava greens, and butter lettuce.

The weather today was beautiful, our first really fully sunny warm day on the farm this spring. A lot of our crops are behind where we hoped they’d be this spring, but with more of this weather I’m optimistic they’ll start to catch up. Our soil moisture today was pretty perfect for both hoeing and planting, and we did lots of both. More lettuce and collards went in, as did the last of the leeks for this fall, which had originally been scheduled to go in the ground more than a month ago but should be fine with this later planting date.

A few of the crops we’re waiting on, and hoping will still make it in the spring shares in the coming weeks, are beets, snap and snow peas, and kohlrabi. We’re also hoping the lettuce, kale, and other greens will all get bigger as the weather warms up. There’s more rain in the forecast, but at this point I’m hopeful that doesn’t necessarily mean cold, gray days, and a day or two of rain per week is always welcome as it gives us a break from the work (and expense) of irrigation.