Spring Share 2 of 7

Basic arugula, sage blossoms, Lacinato Rainbow kale, French Breakfast radishes, blossoming thyme, Nevada green crisp lettuce, Samantha red leaf lettuce. The spring plantings are still catching up after all the cold weather we’ve had so we’re off to a slower start than would be ideal. In the meantime you should still get a few good salads out of all these greens and the herbs will add a bit of flavor.

I went to harvest the green onions this morning and they were still small, and I figured that was a lot of chives we gave out last week so if you’re like me you’re probably still making your way through your supply. The sage and thyme are in prime flower and those chive flowers were so fun in salad and on pasta that I thought folks might like another hit of flowery flavor. Plus, the herbs do better if we cut them back at this point, so they’ll be in better shape for the you-pick after this point.

Monday’s share (which is actually on Tuesday next week due to the holiday!) may not see radishes, but I’m hoping the salad turnips will be a little bigger by then.

In the field we managed to plant the pole beans today, add more strings for the peas to climb, and to hoe a few beds. We hedged our bets on the predicted rainfall and gave the plants half their usual irrigation ration. With the late start to irrigation season there’s been no slow ramp up as we plant out more beds – almost the entire farm is getting irrigated as we’ve planted all but a few beds at this point. With a little luck we’ll get even more beds planted next week. There are a few remaining summer crops that still need to get out of the greenhouse and into the ground and it looks like our.