Prediction for 2nd Share

At this point it looks like the second share will be similar to the first: arugula, radishes, lettuce, green onions, kale. There’s a small chance the first salad turnips will make an appearance, and spinach may be on the farm stand again. The green onions are small so we may wait for them to size up a bit.

Basically everything is a bit smaller than we hoped, due to the cold spring we’ve had. This sun is already helping, although it might be too much all at once for a couple of the spring items. Arugula and radishes took a big jump between Thursday and Monday – for the radishes this meant lots more size, for the arugula it meant that it started to bolt, adding both more spice, and more sweetness!

Yesterday was a big push on the farm to get all of the irrigation turned on for the first time this year! This is the latest I’ve started irrigations I can remember in all the 22 years I’ve been farming in the Portland area – by a month! We were also busy plugging in more plants and seeds, getting the winter squash, corn and dry beans planted. Fingers crossed that the combination of more sun and some irrigation can help crops catch up.