Spring Share 1 of 7

A small share to start the season, with lots of fresh greens, a few colorful roots and some lovely flowering chives. The lettuce is a red leaf named Samantha. We harvested some nice, mild basic arugula and with luck we’ll have more of that soon. Fava greens are a spring treat, the actual leaves and stems of the plant the Favas beans come from and with the same flavor, but much easier to prepare. The radishes have been a little slow to size up this spring so just a few French Breakfast radishes that you can eat any time of day. The radish greens are also good, and cooking them gets rid of the slightly hairy texture they have when raw. The chives are doing really well this spring but we need to move them from their current location so we’ve cut them back hard and you have a good bunch which should keep pretty well in the fridge. The flowers can also be eaten, sprinkled on a salad or used to infuse vinegar for later. As always, check out cookwithwhatyouhave.com for recipe ideas if you need them.

On the farm stand we also had some lovely spinach. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough yet to put in the shares but we have more that should be ready in a week or two. We had a bit of extra lettuce, too – probably our most consistent item on the farm stand. Crops have been growing slowly with the cool weather but the sun seems to be breaking through more and more and the days are just a little warmer, too.

It felt like we were a little rusty after a winter of no harvests, and a number of half finished winter farm improvement projects, but the shares still looked good and it was great to see lots of old, and new CSA members on the farm today!