CSA Predictions

Harvests start this Thursday. I’ve made things a little different this year by running our weeks Thursday-Monday instead of Monday-Thursday. I’m hoping this doesn’t cause too much confusion. Thursday CSA members should have already received details for picking up your first share in your email, and details for Monday members will go out later today.

Taking a look at the crops in the field yesterday my best prediction for the first share is lettuce, arugula, radish, fava greens, and flowering chives. There’s a chance we’ll have some spinach, too, but as with everything we’ll have to see when we actually bring the harvest in.

Another prediction, this one more certain, is that Tiiu will once again be handing out the shares on Thursday evening. I’ve never been good at posting photos of the people who make this farm work but I’m going to try to get more of those up this season. We’ve had so many great people work here in over the years, not to mention great support from the whole community around us. If I can find the time I’d like to post photos of all of the people who have worked to farm over the years (if you’re one of those people, send me a photo and a short update and I’ll work on posting it on the website).

Tiiu is planting leeks for the fall and winter shares in this photo from last week – despite having a camera in my pocket all of the time, it’s usually covered in a muddy case and not super convenient to take it out to take photos, but I did remember to take a few last Wednesday. If you want a few more details on how we plant the leeks I posted more @slowhandfarm on IG and it’s one of my most liked posts there ever for some reason.