Field Notes 5/13

Our spring harvests are scheduled to start next week and we only have 4 shares still available, which is great! Big thanks to everyone who has signed up already and if you’re still wanting a spring share make sure to sign up soon.

It’s been a busy week of planting and pick up area renovations on the farm. The cold, wet weather isn’t doing us any favors, but we’re making adjustments where we can and crops are growing, slowly. Monday ended up being dry enough all day to hoe almost everything on the farm – and it all needed it. Tiiu and I took advantage of the little dry window we had Wednesday and got the first green beans and next week’s spinach, lettuce and leeks plantings all in the ground. Thursday, Mary finished up the leek planting before the rain really started while I plugged replanted some of the onions and shallots that didn’t take after the first planting a couple of weeks ago. We’re putting off planting the summer crops like tomatoes, and winter squash and popcorn for at least a week, hoping we’ll get some more sun and that the soil will warm up a little more first. We spent the rest of the day on clean up and renovation projects around the wash pack area while it rained.

There’s been so much to get done in the field and on the packing and distribution area that I haven’t been able to get much done in the office. Tomorrow I should be able to get out the details on picking up the first shares in an email – as well as a few possible add ons!