Field Notes 5/6

We’re continuing to get a trickle of sign-ups – thank you! – and we still have more spring CSA shares to sell so keep passing the word!

Yesterday was one of the wettest on the farm I can remember for a long time. Proper rain almost the entire day. Despite how often the forecast makes it look like rain all day, fortunately it’s not actually that common for us.

The fields were so wet that we mostly stayed out of them and instead worked around the edges. We were feeling very grateful for a recent load of wood chips that allowed us to cover some of the muddy parts of our current paths and kept things more reasonable around the edges. Big thanks to Stacy @thesideyardfarm for the connection there and huge appreciation for all the community around us that makes things better!

Ironically the big project of the day was reconfiguring our irrigation lines to match our new bed layout in anticipation of irrigation season – which normally would have already started a couple of weeks ago. More irrigation irony, For the few crops currently in the tunnel  (a nice dry space every day) I actually needed to turn irrigation on to try to get them to size up before our first scheduled harvest in two weeks!

Amazingly, all of our old irrigation headers were completely reworkable into the new configuration so by the end of the morning we had things sorted out there. In the afternoon we shifted our attention to reworking the configuration of our packing and distribution area, which will once again provide space out of the rain for our CSA members picking up shares, and without requiring everyone to stuff into the same small little space – yay!

At this point there’s a small chance we’ll be starting spring harvest a few days later than planned but we’re going to keep our fingers crossed and hope that two more weeks of growing makes a big difference – it should. If you’re already signed up for a share emails will be going out next week with detailed updates on picking up your first share of the year!