Spring Share 5 of 7

Chard, hakurei, green onions, parsley, snow peas, radishes, arugula, lettuce. It’s a bit smaller than I’d expect for this time of year, but I’m happy we have this much considering how cold it’s been. The snap peas are so close to being ready and we might have enough for Monday’s harvest, which would mean two types of peas in the shares! Monday won’t see radishes as those are finished for the season at this point. Todays lettuce is a great tasting romaine with a less than great name, Brown Goldring. We may have a different lettuce Monday if the remaining heads haven’t sized up by then.

Harvest and packing the shares took most of the day but we did get a few other things done. One of those was seeding some root crops for the winter shares! There was also more hoeing, a satisfying mainstay this time of year.

I’m again hoping if actually rains significantly tomorrow as I didn’t turn on any irrigation today – and as long as it’s going to rain it might as well do it properly and give us a good half inch. Next weeks forecast finally looks good for growing without any rain in it (yet)!