Field Update

I finally remembered to take a photo of the fields at the farm yesterday. Despite the rain we were still able to get the first plants and seeds in the ground – peas and favas. As I went to prep the first bed for planting I immediately realized I screwed up the new layout on my first pass a few weeks ago and so we had to re-form the sections we were planting. Fortunately peas and favas are pretty forgiving crops and it looks like we might get enough dry(ish) weather before the next plantings that I can get in with the BCS to straighten things out. I’m always considering removing the BCS from our bed preparation process all together, going back to the methods I was using at Slow Hand Farm many years ago, but we’re not quite there yet.

Another up note yesterday was that I got some new plug trays and started using a different potting mix and those both seem to be working really well so far. The plants were easier to pull and it seemed like they were filling out the plugs better, without roots trying to escape out the bottoms of the tray. More on that later when we’ve had a bit more experience with the new systems.

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