Field Update

I keep running out of time to take photos when I’m in the field so here’s a photo from the greenhouse which is starting to fill up. I need to take some time to lay more cardboard on the floor and clean up some of what’s on the bench from the winter and out of site to the left as the other side will soon be full, too! This week of dry weather did help get us caught up with some field preparation and it looks like we’re back to rain next week for the first plantings of the year.

Tiiu was back out in the field with me (Josh) on Monday and we had a very productive day. Old corner posts and piles of rocks got moved, tarps are now covering the old center road grass strip and that will become more growing space, and despite a breeze we got the plastic back on the tunnel so we’ll be doing more work in there in the relative dry next week when it’s raining.

CSA sign ups are going well. They’re not at the breakneck pace of last year where we filled up in weeks, but we’re almost 3/4 full for spring and summer at this point with sign-ups continuing to trickle in. Spring CSA harvests don’t start until late May but don’t delay if you’re thinking about signing up.

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