Field Update

Yesterday was a good one on the farm. We got a bunch of plants in the ground: peas, kale, green onions, and kohlrabi; we moved some tarps and row cover (and very much appreciated the low hoops @hoverflyflowerfarm made from our old high hoops); and we even did hoed the earlier planting of peas before the weeds got too big. I don’t call out volunteers here often, but over the years we’ve had numerous wonderful people drop by to help us clean up around the edges and take care of the you pick garden, and yesterday was one of those days. All of this was definitely aided by our unseasonably dry weather. The dry weather is helping us get some work done, but I do hope it rains a bit more, and soon, as I’d like to not have to set up irrigation until later in April.

Just over 7 weeks to go until our first CSA distribution of the spring! We still have 16 spring shares available so please go sign up for share if you haven’t already, and let all of your friends and neighbors know, too. I’m a little behind on sending email to members who have signed up in the past few weeks but I’ll try to get to those by next week. All this good weather has me concentrating more on the field work than the office tasks, but it all needs to get done!

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