Fall CSA share – Week 9 of 9

Final fall share this week, and the final week of 2021 harvests for us. Thursday will be the last day for both CSA pick-ups and farm stand sales. In this week’s share: parsley, leek, Hakurei turnips, escarole, carrots, either a rutabaga or a winter radish, French grey shallots, chard, kale and collards. The shallots are a little extra from my home trials garden. If you haven’t had them before I use them more like garlic than onions or the other shallots we grow on the farm. They need to be used soon, and they’re great minced in a vinaigrette, or sliced and fried as a topping to greens or white beans.

I’m glad we took a couple of weeks to let things grow a bit more. The weather worked in our favor and everything did size up at bit, although the roots are still a bit small. On the farm stand tonight we had extra chard, kale and collards, celery and celeriac, fennel, lettuce and lots of different radicchios, saladette tomatoes, and the last of the popcorn, polenta and sweet peppers. We should have more of all of that on Thursday, except for the corn and sweet peppers. Also, in the field there are mustards for gleaning, and you might find a few peppers and tomatoes still hanging on.

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