9th Fall CSA Share Predictions

We’re taking a two week break before we come back for a final CSA harvest and distribution on the week after Thanksgiving, so this prediction is projecting further ahead than usual and with all the usual caveats about not being sure and the added layer of not really knowing what the weather will bring in the next two weeks. Caveats completed, here’s my my best guess: carrots, rutabagas, winter radishes, leeks, a mix of collards, kale and maybe chard, mustard greens, escarole, and radicchio. If we’re short on any of those things they’ll probably end up on the farm stand instead of in the shares. Also on the farm stand, if we don’t see a major freeze, could be more: celery, celeriac, fennel, parsnips, lettuces and even salad tomatoes and sweet peppers. If the weather isn’t sideways rain we’ll have the polenta corn there with the grinder, and I there may even be a few more ears of popcorn (which can also be ground into polenta if you’d prefer to not pop it).

It was a wet day yesterday! Even so, we got through harvest easily and even managed to continue with some field clean up projects – mostly de-trellising the sweet peppers and tomatoes. It was the last day of work this year for Tom and we had a good send off with plenty of sweet treats (it’s also his birthday today – happy birthday @tommyumami)! Our little crew is down to three for the final week, from a peak of 6(!?) in the middle of the summer. We all work part time so it’s not that many total hours for anyone, but it’s good to share the work. Big thanks to everyone who’s worked with us, this year, and in the years leading us into this one, and to all of you CSA members who continue to show up in the dark and rain and who make it all possible with your wonderful support!

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