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Last night was the final CSA distribution and farm stand of 2021. I’m feeling immensely grateful for all of our wonderfully supportive CSA members and our little farm crew who together all make it happen! Like most years 2021 had its ups and downs and no two years are ever the same. We tried some new things that didn’t work, and some other new things that did work, we learned a few new things, remembered things we’d forgotten, and probably forgot a few things along the way. My best prediction for 2022 at this point is that we’ll continue that pattern next year with the hope that we remember the things we learned and that we don’t forget too many of the fundamentals that have gotten us to this point.

I’ll try to continue making occasional posts over the next few months with more concrete evaluation of the past season, and updates on plans for 2022 as they unfold. For folks who have been asking about 2022 CSA membership, we usually open that up in early February. We’ll send out an email to everyone on our mailing list when we do, and update the website then so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks again to everyone who’s been a part of the farm and helped to keep it going this year!

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