Fall CSA share – Week 7 of 9

In today’s share: chard, escarole, winter radish, carrots, rutabaga, spinach, sweet pepper, leeks. On the farm stand we had kale, collards, lettuce, fennel, celery, saladette tomatoes, popcorn ears, grind-your-own polenta corn, and daikon radishes. Thursday should be about the same.

Everything is a bit smaller that we were hoping for, just the way the season shaped up in the end. The winter radish is a watermelon type, and the rutabaga is a very sweet one called Gilfeather’s Turnip. The sweet peppers are a kind of bonus round, thanks to the sunny, warm weekend weather. Looking at the 10 day weather forecast I’m pretty sure those will be some of the last sweet peppers of this year.

The temps today weren’t that low, but between the fairly consistent precipitation and the blustery wind it was cold and I was definitely regretting not having brought my rain gloves today. Fortunately the wind and rain died down for CSA pick-up. Looking at what we have in the fields right now and at the survey preferences I’m making the call that we’ll have our CSA pick up next week as planned (be prepared for dark! It’s daylight savings this weekend), and we’ll postpone the final CSA harvest until the beginning of December in hopes that we get a little more growth out of a few of the remaining crops. If you’re a CSA member expect an email later this week confirming this plan.

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