7th Fall CSA Share Predictions

We have three more weeks of CSA harvests planned for and here’s pretty much everything I think we’ll be able to harvest for those shares: kale, collards, chard, escarole, radicchio, spinach, mustards, parsley, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, winter radishes, salad turnips, celeriac, and leeks. We’ll also have fennel, celery, lettuce, popcorn, polenta corn, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and extras of some of the other share items available on the farm stand. Field tomatoes are currently available for gleaning and after the sun this weekend you might still find some good ones.

I’m not sure which items we’ll have next week, it depends on how things mature this weekend with the anticipated sun! Leeks, escarole, carrots, and kale, collards, or chard are all very likely, with a few additional items from the list sure to be in there, too. I’m also considering, as I do most years, condensing the final three weeks into just two and I’ll be sending out a survey to all current CSA members about that shortly so if you’re a member look for that and please click through to the survey when you get it to answer the two multiple choice questions.

Yesterday was weirdly warm and dry on the farm – no complaints though, it made our work a bit more pleasant for sure. We were also able to move some tarps and to get in more cover crop seed. I don’t usually seed cover crops this late, but we have a bunch of annual rye-grass seed that needs to be used up and it’s the one cover crop that seems to germinate well and to come up quickly pretty much no matter when we seed it – other than the existing field weeds that are always naturally seeded in our soil. The cover crops that were seeded back in early October are all coming up nicely, and it’s good to see a green carpet covering all of the soil in the fields, soaking up the rain, gathering carbon and cycling nutrients.

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