6th Fall CSA Share Predictions

My best guess for next week’s share: lettuce, mustard greens, celery or fennel, kale/collards/or chard, salad turnips, and radicchio.

Next week will probably be the last week for lettuce in the shares, and I’m hoping the radicchio and escarole will be ready step up to replace it. They make much better salads this time of year than lettuce, and are also good to cook with for warm salads or other dishes.

We don’t have quite enough celery and fennel for everyone so it will be a choice of one or the other and we’ll also have a few extras on the farm stand for folks who do want both.

We have for more shares planned for this year. In addition to next weeks offerings we should have more carrots, spinach, leeks and radishes in future shares. With a little luck the rutabagas, parsnips and celeriac will also all make appearances. Arugula might make it, or we might just have some for the farm stand, and the same goes for daikon. We will also have more popcorn on the farm stand, and we’re planning to sell some whole polenta corn for folks who want to grind their own, probably later in November.

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