5th Fall CSA Share Predictions

The original plan for next week included: leeks, collards, lettuce, spinach, parsley, carrots, winter radishes, and salad turnips. We might be actually be able to do that, with a few minor modifications. Because of the way the bunch greens (collards, kale and chard) have been growing we’ve been harvesting smaller quantities every week and giving all of you a choice between the three, and we’ll continue to do that as it’s the best approach for keeping the plants healthy and productive right now.

In addition to the above list, we’ll probably have a last round of sweet peppers – especially as the weather forecast is for warmer temperatures. Both the sweet peppers and tomatoes still have a decent amount of fruit, but the quality is declining rapidly with the colder, wetter weather. At this point I think we’ll put the few hoop house and sauce tomatoes on the farm stand and the rest of the field tomatoes are open for gleaning (if you want green tomatoes, now would be a good time to get them).

I’m not sure if we’ll actually have enough spinach, and the roots are always a little bit of a mystery until we actually pull them from the ground, but I’m optimistic. On the farm stand we should have more radicchio, and we always try to harvest some extra bunch greens. We’ll also have a little bit of small beets, and maybe a few other extra roots.

Clean up and cover cropping is going pretty well in the fields. Almost all of the irrigation systems are broken down at this point, and most of the empty beds have either been tarped or seeded with various annual grasses and legumes. We also rely heavily on the winter weeds to fill in and protect the soil through the winter and they’re always there for us providing cover and habitat.

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