Fall CSA share – Week 4 of 9

In today’s share: popcorn, tomatoes, lettuce, beets with greens, celery, daikon, sweet peppers, and fennel with greens. Not pictured are bunch greens, which could be chard or collards or kale. The popcorn is packed in a plastic bag to keep it from getting wet from the other items in the share. Even though the popcorn feels pretty dry it’s still too wet to pop and it’ll take a few months of sitting in your house before it’s prime for popping so feel free to use it as a seasonal decoration before popping it this winter. This is definitely the last week of tomatoes and we’re getting to the end of peppers, too. The fennel is beautiful today, and the celery was looking pretty good, too – should have lots of good flavor. The fennel greens are great in salads, or slaws, or even cooked, and the bulbs are great raw or cooked, too. The beet greens, as well as the roots are delicious still, and can be used just like the chard. These are the likely the last beets of the year as our planned final planting is a near complete failure and it’s not completely clear why – possibly little root eating pests, or maybe something else. At least these are looking good!

There’s a slight chance of frost tonight, and really any night from here on. We’re starting to take apart the irrigation system to protect it from frost, and to drain all the water lines on the farm nightly. If there’s a frost it could also change the way the share looks on Thursday, but it’s unlikely a light frost will do much damage. We’ve had a little radicchio on the farm stand, and the last of the winter squash. The radicchio keeps looking really close but so far just a handful of heads have really been ready to harvest – kind of perfect for the farm stand, but not nearly enough to give out yet. A lot of the crops, radicchio included, will only get better from here out with a bit of frost – especially if we have some sun during the day to go with it.

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