2nd Fall CSA Share Predictions

I’m looking at the plan for next week’s harvest that I made back in January, based on what we’ve had in prior years, and it’s actually looking pretty close to what I’m expecting we’ll have in the shares next week. That’s both surprising, as this season feels very different than others, but also reassuring that things maybe haven’t changed as much as I’ve been thinking. Here’s my guess for next week: Onions, winter squash, chard, lettuce, parsley, daikon, and sweet peppers.

The onions will be the last of the cipollini and the last onions we give out before we switch over to leeks. We’ll also be giving out the rest of the winter squash which will be some mix of delicata, black futsu, and butternut. The delicata is good for eating now, the futsu and butternut would be fine to eat now, but if you can save them for a month or so on your counter they’ll get even sweeter. We’re giving them out now because we don’t have anywhere reasonable to store them this year. Chard is doing great so far, the lettuce continues to be small. We had planned for salad turnips, but the daikon actually looks more ready to me so that’s my guess at the moment. Sweet peppers will continue, but tomatoes are on their way out so no predictions there.

It was great to have a week of sun after all of that rain last weekend. We were able to get quite a bit of hoeing and clean up done because of it, including a last hilling of the leeks. It looks like the rain will return next week, as well as cooler weather. I’m still holding out hope for a bit more sunny, warm weather this fall, but if the rains set in permanently I think we’ll be alright at this point.

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