Fall CSA share – Week 1 of 9

The first day of the fall shares today and it’s definitely not what I planned, but it should be a decent one in the kitchen: cooking celery, sweet peppers, romano beans, tomatoes, lettuce, shallots, winter squash and kohlrabi. There are a few variation on the share this week, and thus two photos. The first photo shows most of the share, with two of the three winter squash, delicata and acorn. These are both ready to eat now, but can be saved and eaten any time in the next month or so. In the second photo there are two other squash, a Black Futsu and a Black Forest. These are also fine to eat now, but they’ll both probably be a little better if eaten later in October or November. We didn’t end up with quite enough Black Forest (the green one) for everyone so some folks are getting Futsu and that one is closely related to butternut if you’re looking for flavor comparisons (it also makes a great seasonal decoration while you’re waiting to eat it!)

We also didn’t have enough kohlrabi for everyone so some folks today got an alternative green in their share. We may end up having enough for Thursday’s shares, but we’ll have to see. Another note on the kohlrabi is that I don’t actually know the variety. It was mis-packed by our seed supplier, and thus is much earlier than we planned on giving it out.

The rain this weekend was great! I’m not sure how much we got at the farm because my rain gage there only holds an inch and we definitely got more than that. In St. Johns we got almost 4 inches, which is a huge amount. The soil on the farm is very well drained and after such a dry summer it soaked up all of that rain nicely. In addition to the first fall season harvest we also got to a bit of clean up in the radicchio beds, and we pulled out the last of the cabbage plants from the spring, as well as the cucumbers. This time of year there’s a lot of clean up to do.

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