1st Fall CSA Share Predictions

Our first fall share this year actually comes before the fall equinox which is a little unusual, but just the way the calendar worked out. As I’ve noted here in previous posts, the extreme heat and dry of the summer kind of sped up all of the summer crops anyway and so they’ve really been on their way out for a few weeks now. Here’s my prediction for what will be in the shares this coming week: lettuce, tomatoes, sweet peppers, kohlrabi, shallots, cooking celery and winter squash.

It’ll be interesting to see how the predicted rain this weekend impacts the fields. Lettuce continues to be small but the rain might help. It probably won’t help the tomatoes which have fruit on them but are really slowing down with the cool weather. Peppers have been doing well and should be fine with the rain. The kohlrabi is a bit of mystery, a mix up by the seed company so I’m not sure what variety it actually is and it’s much earlier than the variety that we ordered. The celery got off to a very slow start this year and is still small. We always pull some of the outer stalks while the heads are sizing up so we plan to do that this coming week. Expect small stalks, full of flavor and perfect for seasoning soup. What winter squash variety you get in your share is up in the air. We have a couple of varieties that we don’t have enough of for everyone, but we do have enough winter squash for everyone. The best varieties for early eating that we have are delicata, acorn and kabocha so expect one of those this coming week.

Yesterday we managed to pretty much get everything ready for the rain. All of the dry beans that were ready got picked, all of the dry corn is hanging in the hoop house to cure, and I’m headed out to the farm to move more winter squash undercover, although it’s not completely necessary – just keeps them a little cleaner and discourages any rot. The rain gage is also set up so I’ll be curious to see how much we actually get. At this point it would be great if it would rain about once a week and then get sunny and warm on the dry days. If you have any say with the weather please put in that order for us!

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