Fall CSA share – Week 2 of 9

First, here’s what was in today’s share: chard, tomatoes, daikon, sweet peppers, cipollini onions, winter squash and parsley. The chard continues to be really beautiful. Tomatoes are on their way out but seemed to have a little bit of a revival today after this weekend’s sunny weather. There will be some for Thursday, but probably not as many given the weather. The Daikon needed to be thinned, and if we’re lucky we’ll get more after a bit of cooler weather when it’s a bit sweeter, for now it’s still a bit sharp. Today’s winter squash is Black Futsu and Butternut, both closely related and good keepers, although they should be good to eat now, too. The one thing I though we’d harvest today that we didn’t get to was lettuce, and really the lettuce is still small so it’s for the best that we wait a week to harvest more.

Second, the main feature of the day was how wet it was! We been lucky and I can’t remember having a wet day like today on the farm since sometime last year at least. We’re all a bit out of practice with wearing rain gear, but it was a crash course reminder today and I think we’re ready for more at this point.

Third, the other big news of the day was that there was a fire on the farm over the weekend – most likely a kid, or kids playing with fire and ending up melting a few of our bulb crates to our tables and then setting our shade awnings on fire and incinerating them. Fortunately there was no real structural damage and no one was hurt. I’ll make a longer post on this later in the week. At this point we’ve almost completely cleaned up and things should be back to “normal” by Thursday’s CSA harvest.

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