12th Summer CSA Share Predictions

The weather has been feeling very fall like for the past week and the CSA share will be looking a little more fall like for the last two weeks of the summer share. Here’s my best guess but there will definitely be a lot of crops to check on when we get back in the fields on Tuesday. Chard, tomatoes, sweet peppers and shallots will all be in the shares. Lettuce and beets should also make it in the mix, but I’m a little hesitant with those as they’re both a bit smaller than I’d like right now. It looks like summer squash and cucumbers are done for the year, but winter squash might actually be ready early. Romano beans, basil and parsley are outside possibilities and it’s also possible that I’ll find something in the field I’ve completely overlooked.

Yesterday we got some more fall crop planting done, mustards and more escarole. Next week is pretty much the end of our planting season so we’ll hope for some favorable weather to get those plantings in, and then a bit more sun and warmth to get all the crops growing strongly before the days start getting too short.

Reminder that Monday is a holiday so we’re moving our normal Monday harvest day to Tuesday next week. Look for the answer to what’s in the actual share on Tuesday evening!

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